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Rock Dust (Mineral Fertilizer)

Rock Dust (Mineral Fertilizer)

Agrowinn-Minerals (Rock Dust) is the best rock dust on the market (also known as rock powder or stonemeal) - and can be used successfully on all varieties of plants, trees, and vegetables. Rock Dust is environmentally friendly and will not leach into your ground water. It is a slow release product; its super-fine particles will pass through a 250 mesh screen with water agitation. It is easily applied with boom-type sprayers with diaphragm pumps.

Rock Dust - 5 lb. Bag (USPS Shipping Included)

Rock Dust - 5 lb. Bag

Rock Dust - 10 lb. Bag (USPS Shipping Included)

Rock Dust - 10 lb. Bag

Rock Dust - 20 lb. Bag (USPS Shipping Included)

Rock Dust - 20 lb. Bag

Rock Dust - 30 lb. Bag (USPS Shipping Included)

Rock Dust - 30 lb. Bag

Rock Dust - 50 lb. Bag

Best Buy Combo - 10 lbs Agrowinn Rock Dust (Mineral Fertilizer) + 10 lbs Agrowinn Pure Worm Castings (USPS Shipping Included)

Product Details

The fineness of Agrowinn-Minerals has many advantages, including bringing nutrients to the soil root zone where they are needed. With dry or wet foliar application during the first three quarters of the growing period, you can correct many nutrient deficiencies.

Agrowinn-Minerals (Rock Dust) have an extraordinarily high level of minerals and trace elements (57 different trace elements) in well balanced quantities. (Contact us for a complete trace element list. Please include your contact information with your request.)

If you substitute Agrowinn-Minerals (Rock Dust) for some of the chemical fertilizers you are currently using, you will have no increase in annual costs. Rather, you will have increased the value of your crops and the productivity of your soil.

Agrowinn Minerals:

  • is environmentally friendly and non-polluting
  • is not quickly soluble and has good residual
  • loosens compacted soil and enhances plant feeder root fertility
  • does not burn plants or seedlings

The finer Agrowinn-Minerals (Rock Dust) is ground, the less product is needed. Rock dust is of course, inorganic. And since microbes consume the fine dust easily, they then discharge organically available plant food. The warmer the climate, the more microbes that are available to create plant food.

Nutrition & Trace Minerals

From "Acres, U.S.A." by G.H. Earp-Thonw

Often it is the little things in life that really count. Who knows - the secret that keeps you from perfect health may be a tiny trace element no larger than the head of a pin - or even one-tenth the size of the head of a pin. Read this classic article from the 1950s - as timely today as when it first appeared - and you will understand just how important trace elements are. As Earp-Thomas relates, a mere six ounces of the trace mineral cobalt spread over 43,000-odd square feet of land became the difference between the fertility and barren-ness of a farm. Take six ounces of paint and try to spread it over 43,000 square feet surface, and you will comprehend how thin 6 ounces of cobalt must have been spread over 43,000 square feet of farmland- yet those six ounces to the acre saved the farm from ruin. Are you getting the trace elements? It will make little difference how much phosphorus, how much calcium, how much iron, how much this-or that ordinary mineral you are receiving each day if even one of the trace elements is missing from your diet.

Agrowinn-Minerals has Cobalt and 56 more elements of Macro-and Micronutrients.

Agrowinn-Minerals (Rock Dust) and its Paramagnetic Powers

...25 grams of Agrowin rock dust was tested for the level of paramagnetic force which is characteristic of this type of rock dust. It was tested on a PCSM Soil Testing Meter developed by Dr. Phil Callahan who has been researching and writing about paramagnetism for many years. The sample tested was part of a 10 lb. order shipped to me from your company last week. The level of paramagnetism in this sample was measured at 1275 cgs. According to the ranges listed with the PCSM Soil Meter rock dusts which measure between 1200 and 2000 CGS are considered "good" rock dusts. The PCSM Soil Meter is manufactured by Pike Agri-labs.

Take care, Mark Grogan

  • Dust lightly without caking.
  • Apply every 2 - 3 months or 4 times per year (more depending on the soil condition and plant).
  • Water after top dressing. (After spreading it over greens).
  • Can be applied in conjunction with fungi-herbi -and Pesticides. Make jarr test.


  • Plants (Potted): 4" to 8" Pots 1 /2 Tea spoon. 8" to 12" Pots 1 Tea spoon.
  • Flowers & Vegetables established: Spread 1 Pound per 50-100 Square Feet.
  • New beddings: Use 2 lbs per 50 -100 sq.ft. (Hand broadcast over plants then water down ; apply every 2-3 months)
  • Shrubbery: Dust lightly over Shrubbs and then water down; apply every 2-3 months.
  • Trees: 1/2-1 Pound per inch of Trunk diameter
  • Lawns dry application: 1/2-1 Pound per 100 Square Feet, use a drop spreader.
  • All plants wet/foliar application: 4 Table spoons in 4 Gl Backpack Sprayer (SP1-Diaphragm pump only); 1/2 cup with Gilmour or any Hose-end sprayer open up to max. will cover approx . 100 sq.ft.
  • Mixing Rates: Use 1 to 2.5lbs per cu.ft. or 50 to 125lbs per cubic yard.
  • Golf Course Application: Boom sprayers Diaphragm or Centrifugla pumps only and large nozzle 5.0 or better ; 4 Miles/h, min. pressure of 40 PSI use 1/2lb per 10 Gallon of water.
  • Dry Application: Use 5 - 10lb/1000 Square Feet use a drop - or a lime spreader (setting is usually half or 3/4 open position).
  • Agriculture and Greenhouse Growers apply: 250 lb per acre . For fast growing high nutrient consuming plants like Tomato, Cucumber, Potatoes etc. and Flowers with growing cycles of 3 months or less increase dosage by 50% .
Agrowinn Minerals provide natural Phosphoric Acid, Soluble Potash, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and numerous other trace minerals with this guaranteed analysis:

Available Phosphoric Acid (P205).....................................0.003%
Soluble Potash (K2O)....................................................0.007%
Calcium (Ca)................................................................ 4%
Magnesium (Mg)............................................................1.5%
Iron (Fe)....................................................................6.0%
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