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Young Mixer / Proportioner

Young Mixer / Proportioner

These Mixer/Proportioners are versatile for accurately applying liquid concentrates.


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A versatile proportioner for accurately applying liquid concentrates. Many Home And Garden Uses Apply liquid or water soluble fertilizer with lawn sprinkler, soaker, or other device attached to a hose. Install the mixer/proportioner in a home drip sprinkler irrigation system. Apply liquid pest controls and foliar foods, using a hose end nozzle. Root feed using Young Products' aerating /irrigating tools. Mix in liquid detergent for car washing or other cleaning jobs. Distributing liquid concentrates in sprinkling, irrigation or other watering systems has proven to be fast, effective and economical because of the uniformity of application and savings in labor and material. The MP is a general purpose proportioner that can be used to apply a wide variety of liquid concentrates such as: liquid and water-soluble fertilizers, sprays, disinfectants, stock or fowl medication, wetting agents, chlorine, soap solutions, and more. Installed permanently in a watering system or connected into a portable hose line, the MP requires no external power, has no moving parts, and does not restrict the flow. A novel metering system permits the user to set the desired proportion or the injection rate. In either case, the actual amount of material being injected is read directly on the flow meter dial. In operation, liquid concentrate poured in the funnel top flows into and in contained by a heavy duty plastic liner. Water flowing through the venture injector creates a pressure differential. The high pressure water is metered into the tank, around the liner, forcing concentrate to be injected through the concentrate line.
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