Organic Fertilizers and Gardening Supplies, Rock Dust, Worm Castings

About Us

GeorgeSince 1998, Agrowinn Fertilizers is commited to increasing the health of humans and the health of our planet through creating and distributing the highest quality soil amendments.  We sell more than 100 tons a year in pure worm castings and fertilizers, along with select gardening products.

Remember: through growing and purchasing high quality foods, you can expect less visits to the doctor!

Our soil amendments and fertilizers perform well in all growing zones.

"You can trace every sickness,
every disease and every ailment
to a mineral deficiency."
- Dr. Linus Pauling

Agrowinn's products are used by preminent landscapers, vineyards, organic farmers, flower growers, golf courses and home gardeners - those who insist on having the best quality possible. We believe in quality before quantity - compare our application rate you'll see just how cost effective our products are compared to our competitors. 

We are located in San Diego's North County.

Our main office is in Encinitas, CA - and our New Warehouse is located at:
2948 Industry St. #B, Oceanside, CA.