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Golf Course Soil Amendments

We provide the highest quality natural soil amendments for golf courses.

Agrowinn's pure worm castings are approved by USGA for golf course construction and maintenance.

This video highlights the benefits of using our worm castings for your golf course:

Benefits to applying our pure worm castings:

  • Expect longer roots = shorter mowing heights = faster greens
  • No black layering
  • Increases your water holding capacity (Lab test shows up to 140% moisture holding)
  • Will help to combat fungal issues
  • Will help to reduce nitrogen requirements
  • No worms (nearly zero eggs)
  • In general, good for fixing seams and bunker edges
  • Helps at compacted areas
  • No down time


  • Putting Greens
  • Tees
  • Fairways & Roughs
  • Divot mix
  • Brew Casting Tea to spray

Application Rate Guidance:

  • For putting greens and tees: 5 to 8 pounds for 100 sq feet.
  • Fairways & Roughs: 1 ton per acre, per year.
  • Divot mix: 10% to 20%.
  • Brew Casting Tea at 10 lbs / 50 Gallons.  (more casting=higher concentrate)

Golf courses that own gypsum injectors should apply our rock dust mineral fertilizer.  This will add micronutrients and unlock phosphorus in your soil. Expect a nice green up.

We recommend our following products:

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>> Worm Castings

Photos of Our Products In Use from Our Customers