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Humane Squirrel Trap

Humane Squirrel Trap

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The Squirrelinator is a humane poison-free squirrel trap that allows multiple squirrels to be trapped in one setting.


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Product Details
  • No Assembly Required!

  • "Two Door Design" allows animals to enter from two directions.

  • Humane alternative to harmful chemicals.

  • Catch multiple squirrels without having to clear the trap

Model 9000 with Basin:

The basin is used to conveniently transport the trapped squirrels to prevent mess in you car.

Model 9003 (Trap Only):

Same as Model 9000 without the basin.



Baiting the Squirrelinator is easy. Once you've decided on a location for the Squirrelinator, set the trap on the ground, throw a hand-full of bait in the middle of the trap, sprinkle some around the outside of the trap (be sure the side doors are open) and walk away. That's it!

Here are a few bait options that consistantly seem to work best:

  • Grains (parrot mix, livestock sweet mix, chicken scratch, sunflower seeds)

  • Cereals

  • Dog/Cat food

  • Fruit/Veggies (tomato, avocado, mangos, etc.)
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