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Landscaping Success and Tree Care

Agrowinn's products are ideal for landscapers. Many Agrowinn products were used in the landscaping of these properties.


Photos of Our Products In Use from Our Customers
Our Acid Lovers Fertilizer produces beautiful heads year after year. Who needs chemicals?
Products: Lawn Food, Rock Dust
Dethatching: Kikuyu Grass
Dethatching: Over seeding with Perennial Rye then fertilized after the first mow with Lawn Food.
Dethatching: The Result (Lawn is over 30'000 sq.ft.)
Products: Worm Castings
Products: Worm Castings

Landscaping Do's and Don'ts
(The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!)


The above is an example of what not to do.  By not trimming the area around the tree, it leaves room for disease and rot.  The example below is a much healthier solution for the tree.




In the above photo: the decision to remove or not remove seeds is an aesthetic one.



In the above photo: Palm roots in the drainage is not good (pipe has holes, cracks, or not the right tube).



In the above photo: Kentia on the right has leaning Palm disease.



Tree Care


Never give up on a struggling tree. The above picture shows the tree before using Agrowinn-Minerals and Agrowinn's Pure Organic Worm Castings.  The bottom photo is the same tree after using our fertilizers for three months.

Also, we can recommend arborists who will apply and take care of you best investments.  Drop us an email.