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Lawn Food Tips


Agrowinn's Organic 5-3-4 Lawn Food Fertilizer can create a strong and green lawn, year round.



The below pictures shows a healthy root system. The roots should be at least as long as the top growth.

If that is not the case, use Agrowinn Organic Lawn Food 5-3-4. (The subsoil layer from the installer of the the soil could be not deep enough, so bad growth on top can show).





To get a lush lawn with deep roots -- #1 is water properly, and #2 is feeding at good intervals using our Lawn Food 5-3-4.

If you think 15-15-15 or 20-20-20 are the only ideal fertilizers for lawns -- think again.  In these applications, high nitrogen(N) is compacting your colloidal structure and killing beneficial nitrogen- fixing bacterium and fungi. Nitrogen is most abundant in the air and if you create a healthy soil food web, the microorganisms in the soil will convert the nutrients for you. If you do not see many earthworm heaps, then your soil is not functioning organically because you are using high concentrated water-soluble chemically derived fertilizers.