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Natural Dog Repellent

Natural Dog Repellent

Scram for Dogs is a highly effective, fully organic, biodegradable granular dog repellent product. It will safely and naturally repel dogs away from anything you sprinkle it on - including your garden.

Dog Scram - 3.5 lb. Bag

Dog Scram - Small - 3.5 lb. Bag (USPS Shipping Included)

Dog Scram - Large - 2 x 3.5 lb. Bags (USPS Shipping Included)

Product Details
  • Highly effective!

  • Cost Less! Just pennies per square foot.

  • No mixing or spraying. Granular. Just sprinkle!

  • Both repels and trains dogs to avoid the areas you treat.

  • Organic and biodegradable.

  • A humane solution for unwanted dog intrusions.

  • For Outdoor Use Only!

Scram for Dogs is a blend of plant-based aromatic oils and other all-natural ingredients designed to warn dogs to stay away from areas treated with this repellent. This product is made of small granules which you shake around the area to be protected. This is an organic product, making it safe for children, the environment, pets, and other animals.

The Scram for Dogs formula was created based on a behavior-modification as well as earth-friendly approach. In other words, dogs are not only repelled by this product, they are trained to continue to avoid treated gardens, shrubs, trees, and lawns, all without harmful chemicals.



Scram for Dogs comes in a 3.5 pound bag with a twist cap enclosure. Each pound of repellent provides 600 square feet of protection or 2,100 square feet per bag!

These granules are for outdoor use only, but they may be used in any climate and temperature and will continue to work in light to moderate rainfall or watering.

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