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Natural Snake Repellent

Natural Snake Repellent

Snake Scram is a safe and natural way of keeping snakes away from your family and pets.

Snake Scram - 3.5 lb. Bag

Snake Scram - Small - 3.5 lb. Bag (USPS Shipping Included)

Snake Scram - Large - 2 x 3.5 lb. Bags (USPS Shipping Included)

Product Details

Snake Scram is natural granular repellent effective in getting rid of snakes which prefer to locate in:

  • Stone piles

  • Wood piles

  • Around foundations of homes

  • Garages

  • Barns

  • Sheds

  • Gardens

  • Flower beds and landscaping

  • Near pools

Using Snake Scram can protect you, your children and your pets from unwanted contact with snakes.

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