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Organic Home Gardening

Agrowinn carries a full line of products to support you in creating the ultimate organic home garden.

Strong and healthy home gardens always starts with mineralizing your soil.  Use our rock dust / mineral fertilizer to get you on the right track.  Next, increase your microbiology and enliven your soil by adding our pure worm castings.  Push for extra growth through utilizing one of our organic fertilizers.

We recommend our following products:

>> Rock Dust
>> Worm Castings
>> Organic Fertilizers

Photos of Our Products In Use from Our Customers
Products: Worm Castings
It's an other happy customer's crop. Products: Rock Dust, Worm Castings.
Products: Rose and Flower
Success Stories

"Giant Tomatoes!"

Products: Rock Dust
Submitted by: Tim
Location: MN

I have been trying to grow a tomato plant 10 feet tall for over 20 years. Someone at work told me about your rock dust (bought 20lbs, March 2013) and I tried it and had the best garden ever. I did get a tomato plant 10feet tall and my garden was like a small jungle.

Here are a couple more photos. I do make the best chili on the planet.


"Home Garden Success"

Products: Rock Dust
Submitted by: Lisa

Just wanted to let you know what the combo of the rock dust with our mixture of goat manure/alfalfa hay waste and spoiled straw is doing. Everything is great but the biggest difference is in the eggplant. I've never seen eggplant look like this. They are producing beautiful fruits that are exceptionally fast growing. I wish i would have took the pics before i picked them off. Next year we will be using this combo again but i think we can put in a few less plants. That is really important to us as we have limited garden space so every bit of extra production counts. These eggplants are 38-48" tall and very bushy. Everything has grown so large they are merging together.

thanks, Lisa



"Heirloom Tomatoes"

Products: Rock Dust, Worm Castings, Veggie Food
Submitted by: Barbara
Location: Southern California


Hi George - Thought you might want to see some of my results using Agrowinn products. These are Cherokee Purple Heirloom tomatoes (and the most popular ones I grow) The one on the left is an average size fruit from a plant that has been fed Agrowinn Veg Food, Mineral Dust & Worm Castings.

The one on the right is an average sized fruit from a plant fed with organic fish emulsion and & Composted Worm Castings. Big difference in size clearly...but what you can't see is the TASTE. The Agrowinn fed tomatoes are MUCH sweeter & juicer.