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"From Horse Pasture to Harvest in 2 1/2 Months!"

Products: Rock Dust, Worm Castings, Rose and Flower Food

This is Ecke Ranch, Encinitas, CA. They turned a horse pasture into a thriving agricultural production garden in just 2 and 1/2 months using Agrowinn Fertilizers and Soil Amendments.




"Home Garden Success"

Products: Rock Dust
Submitted by: Lisa

Just wanted to let you know what the combo of the Rock Dust with our mixture of goat manure/alfalfa hay waste and spoiled straw is doing. Everything is great but the biggest difference is in the eggplant. I've never seen eggplant look like this. They are producing beautiful fruits that are exceptionally fast growing. I wish i would have took the pics before i picked them off. Next year we will be using this combo again but i think we can put in a few less plants. That is really important to us as we have limited garden space so every bit of extra production counts. These eggplants are 38-48" tall and very bushy. Everything has grown so large they are merging together.

thanks, Lisa

"I'm the envy of all my neighbors!"

Products: Rose Food
Submitted by: Bob

My peonies really love your Rose Food. I'm the envy of all my neighbors.

"Maness Vineyard - Vineyard Success"

Products: Rock Dust, Worm Castings, Custom Blending
Submitted by: Maness Vineyards
Location: Jamul, CA (Southern California)

Maness Vineyard starting by creating custom built vineyard utilizing Agrowinn's Soil Amendments.

organic vineyard fertilizer

Soil Amendmends of Agrowinn Organic Worm-Castings, Agrowinn Mineral Rock Dust, and a Agrowinn Fertilizer blend were mixed with backfill.

Selecting grafted vines and Maness Vineyards offer a large variety of healthy plants with super roots.

In 12 months you can expect to see results like this:


"Giant Tomatoes!"

Products: Rock Dust
Submitted by: Tim
Location: MN

I have been trying to grow a tomato plant 10 feet tall for over 20 years. Someone at work told me about your Rock Dust (bought 20lbs, March 2013) and I tried it and had the best garden ever. I did get a tomato plant 10feet tall and my garden was like a small jungle.


Here are a couple more photos. I do make the best chili on the planet.


"Dwarf Fruit Trees and Heirloom Tomatoes"

Products: Rock Dust, Worm Castings, Veggie Food
Submitted by: Barbara
Location: San Jacinto, CA (Southern California)

Your Mineral fertilizer was what first caught my attention with your products. I have a dozen large potted dwarf fruit trees that have been in the same pots for 6 to 12 years. I love them and they are great producers for me. While I continually add organic's into the pots......NOTHING has perked up and invigorated my much loved trees than your Mineral Fertilizer. WOW! So I added some to all my other containers......same results! Added it to most of this years tomato crop. The plants with it are outstanding, the ones without it are still pretty healthy but did have some blossom rot issues that quickly cleared up after application. Very Cool stuff.


Hi George - Thought you might want to see some of my results using Agrowinn products. These are Cherokee Purple Heirloom tomatoes (and the most popular ones I grow) The one on the left is an average size fruit from a plant that has been fed Agrowinn Veg Food, Mineral Dust & Worm Castings.

The one on the right is an average sized fruit from a plant fed with organic fish emulsion and & Composted Worm Castings. Big difference in size clearly...but what you can't see is the TASTE. The Agrowinn fed tomatoes are MUCH sweeter & juicer.



Thumbs Up with Kids!

Products: Vegetable Food
Submitted By: Peter

Evan grew these vegetables from seed using your fertilizer. He is applying your rose food fertilizer in this photo. He says it works very well.

"Really Taste the Difference!"

Products: Rock Dust
Submitted By: S. Widdifield, West Virginia

We have used your rock dust for several years and have noticed a big difference in our garden. We have been growing organically for 20 plus years, but the rock dust really improved our garden. The vegetables look healthier, larger and more lush, and you could really taste the difference, the sweetness was incredible.

We grow mostly for ourselves, but we had such good results that we sold some our vegetables at the city market. People enjoyed them and commented on how they tasted and how they look.

Thanks again,

S. Widdifield, West Virginia

"First Class Rock Dust"

Products: Rock Dust
Submitted By: Jamas

Friends at Agrowinn:
Nice Name.
A quick thank-you, I received my 10#'s of Rock Dust today, It was funny how hard it was to purchase such a product locally, I live near Seattle, Washington. But as it turned out the quality of your Product seems 1st class. I use it for my worms, they digest better with it and it makes the end Product Vermicompost superior to that without it. This is the third time this last year that I've obtained it for my Bins. and as I said yours was the best so far and I'll be doing more business with you. I know this is rather silly to mention, but one good turn deserves another and a Thank-you is always in order. Also I thought it may just interest you.
Another satisfied customer.

Shipping Time

Products: Rock Dust, Worm Castings
Submitted By: Robert

... I really appreciate the additional samples you sent me. Especially the worm castings those things are amazing from you guys. Overall your customer service is amazing and that's really what matters. I got my rock dust today and I appreciate the first class mail postage rather than just standard. Thanks again.


"Cancer Success Story"

Products: Worm Castings, Rock Dust, Diatomaceous Earth
Submitted By:  John

Greetings George,

Just wanted to let you know that the 30 yr old mom's lymphatic cancer was put into remission within 6 weeks, with the help of the wheat grass and soil amendments you introduced me to.

She had been going through 6 months of chemo/radiation and on her last round she didn't loose her hair and the her tumor on her lower back completely disappeared.  The Dr. couldn't find any cancer in her tests and x-rays and she felt like she wasn't sick anymore.  Nevertheless, the Dr. convinced her to go through one more round of chemo and radiation (30 minutes worth of additional exposure!) as 'insurance'.  'Insurance', in my opinion, is 4-8oz of wheatgrass grown with your castings, rock dust (and maybe DE.)

The wheatgrass was grown at her home with your Worm Castings and Rock Dust.  I also used the DE, because I'd read where silica can be transmuted into calcium organically in some plant and animal systems, so maybe it would have helped alkalize the blood ph.  Don't know if it did, but the lady felt like she was healing on the inside.  Since the Dr. was puzzled by the lack of a tumor to aim his x-ray at (she had cross-hairs drawn on her back,) I'd say that even if it was psychosomatic, the tumor that had been there for an extended period of months had suddenly gone-away within weeks.

I will say that the wheatgrass grown with your soil amendments is less sweet, thus more palatable to drink.  Less sugar is good from a fungal/probiotic-perspective, as well.  Additionally, it grows like thick weeds.  Taller than the grass I see at the Optimum Health Institute, People's Co-Op store, and what my friend grows with the exact same seeds and compost/soil.

It was a treat to meet you and get a few gems that were easy to incorporate and reaped such fantastic results for those who really needed something good to happen.

Best regards,


30 Year Old Hydrangeas Brought Back to Life!

Products: Rock Dust
Submitted By:  Dora L.  Ph.D., N.D.,Th.M

Hello George,

I want to share what happened to my 30 years old potted hydrangeas. I was ready to toss them, they had become root bound, their soil was poor and the plant itself looked bad. I purchased your Volcanic Rock Dust Fertilizer, to my amazement they grew tall and gorgeous!

I did not change any thing to the pots just added Volcanic Rock Dust!