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Agrowinn® Products For Tree Farmers Tree Growing Success One Oak Ranch , Fallbrook, CA Pictures from Robert Durfos and his 11 1/2 acre farm. Robert knows that nature works for him, his Organic fertilizing methods show great success. See the following pictures taken October 11th, 2003 and read his story: Robert grows Litchi trees in different varieties and there are lots of fruits to harvest and sell. A young Brewster Litchi tree (or Lai Chi Tree) where Rock Dust Minerals have been used to eliminate transplant shock. Just 2-3 weeks later, one can tell that the minerals are pushing new growth. About a one year old tree (staked) and above, 2 year old Litchi trees show lush and shiny foliage. Robert has established a super living soilbase around his trees with Organic fertilizers. This 2 year old Litchi tree is a star and growing like crazy in the October sun. The Minerals made a big difference by increasing the number of growth flashes or spurts. These 2 year old trees are showing a very robust growth. These 2 year old trees show high uniformity of growth achieved with the application of Agrowinn-Minerals. Robert grows Longan trees which show the same positive responsive growth as a result of applying the Agrowinn-Minerals. One Oak Ranch offers a full nursery program of litchis, longan trees, fruit from Guava trees in addition to sagos & queen palms, all benefiting from Agrowinn Minerals. Conclusion: Minerals are essential for the plants. Agrowinn-Minerals and their fertilizers are now an integral part of our fertilization program.