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In these photos, a 25 year old avocado orchard gets a treat using Agrowinn's Pure Organic Worm Castings and a layer of Agrowinn-Minerals (Rock Dust). As shown in these photos, it is best to move some of the leaves around the tree to apply the fertilizers directly onto the soil.  This will allow the ammedments to absorb faster and also prevents wind erosion of the Rock Dust.

Success Stories

"Dwarf Fruit Trees"

Products: Rock Dust, Worm Castings, Veggie Food
Submitted by: Barbara
Location: Southern California

Your Mineral fertilizer was what first caught my attention with your products. I have a dozen large potted dwarf fruit trees that have been in the same pots for 6 to 12 years. I love them and they are great producers for me. While I continually add organic's into the pots......NOTHING has perked up and invigorated my much loved trees than your Mineral Fertilizer. WOW! So I added some to all my other containers......same results! Added it to most of this years tomato crop. The plants with it are outstanding, the ones without it are still pretty healthy but did have some blossom rot issues that quickly cleared up after application. Very Cool stuff.

"More Yield = More Money!"

Products: Citrus & Avocado Food
Location: Southern California

Avocado growing customer (Sarfaty) sold their property. The numbers prove that our organic input makes more yield and money! We are ahead $14,000, even with more input costs. See a side by side comparison of the same location, with and without our products.

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