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For vineyard owners and viticulture enthusiasts, our products can help you Increase the brix (glucose content) and improve your overall yield.

To achieve grapes within 15 months, use a combination of our rock dust / mineral fertilizer and worm castings.  Then use our Citrus and Avocado fertilizer or our Acid Lovers fertilizer, depending on your soil ph.

We recommend our following products:

>> Rock Dust
>> Worm Castings
>> Citrus and Avocado Fertilizer
>> Acid Lovers Fertilizer

Success Stories

"Maness Vineyard - 15 Month Vineyard Success"

Products: Rock Dust, Worm Castings, Custom Blending
Submitted by: Maness Vineyards

Maness Vineyard starting by creating custom built vineyard utilizing Agrowinn's soil amendments.

organic vineyard fertilizer

Soil Amendmends of Agrowinn Organic Worm-Castings, Agrowinn Mineral Rock Dust, and a Agrowinn Fertilizer blend were mixed with backfill (May 2012).

Selecting grafted vines and Maness Vineyards offer a large variety of healthy plants with super roots.

In 12 months you can expect to see results like this:

15 months later Maness Vineyard is featured in San Diego Home/Garden Magazine:

Photos of Our Products In Use from Our Customers