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Worm Castings Tips


To properly nourish your colorful plants, try using Agrowinn's Organic Worm-Castings (99% pure castings and not made with greenwaste, landfill, no horse and cow manure, no weeds etc.)

Our worm castings have excellent water holding capacity (104% and better) -- just the best thing to work into your soil to save water.


Make your own casting tea, using 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. Let it sit for 2+ hours, then use to water your plants.

Also the 4-4-6 Rose & Flower will be a great choice to nourish the plants.


The above photo came to us from one of our customers that used Agrowinn's Pure Worm Castings to treat the bug problem she was having on her hibiscus plants:

"My hibiscus look great, by the way.  I put 20lb of pure worm castings directly on each one.  The bugs are ALL gone, took two or three weeks.  Overkill, probably, but it didn't hurt the plants, and I won't have to get out there again probably 'til next year."