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Best Buy Combo - 5 lbs Agrowinn Rock Dust (Mineral Fertilizer) + 5 lbs Agrowinn Pure Worm Castings + 5 lbs of Agrowinn Rose & Flower, Citrus & Avocado & Vegetable Food (4-4-6) (USPS Shipping Included)

Agrowinn Organic Soil Amendments are 100% natural and environmentally friendly and economical. Our Amendments add high nutrient value back into your soil, which in most cases is compacted and mineral depleted. Money is well spent by adding these fine products. The better you prepare the soil - the better your plants will grow and the less diseases will occur. Please check out the detailed product information on the following products:

Organic Earthworm Castings are 100% Natural, with a healthy, earthy odor and the appearance of coffee grounds. The castings slowly release nutrients needed for healthy plant growth and increased production rates for fruits and vegetables. Agrowinn's Organic Worm Castings are especially good for herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Agrowinn-Minerals Rock Dust (CDFA Registered) is the best rock dust on the market (also known as rock powder or stonemeal) - and can be used successfully on all varieties of plants, trees, and vegetables. This Volcanic Rock Dust is environmentally friendly and will not leach into your ground water. It is a slow release product; its super-fine particles will pass through a 250 mesh screen with water agitation. It is easily applied with boom-type sprayers with diaphragm pumps.

Agrowinn Organic Fertilizers are natural, organic, and environmentally friendly. They provide slow release and prevent water run-off pollution. Agrowinn's blends are unique in their composition and contain well balanced nutrients. Please check out the detailed product information on the following products:

NPK Rating: 4-4-6

This Agrowinn product is specifically formulated for Organic Gardeners and Organic Growers. If you like big and long lasting flowers and superb foliage, sweet tastings fruits and flavorful produce, then this is the right product for you. Use it as your all around fertilizer.

Good for all flowering plants!

Agrowinn's "Rose and Flower Food" is specifically formulated for gardeners that prefer to feed their Roses organically. This complete and balanced plant food provides all of the essential nutrients required by Roses and flowering plants. Agrowinn's "Rose and Flower Food" is a living food for plants that contains many symbiotic micro-organisms that promote healthy blossoms and stress-free growth.

The two power houses of soil amendments!

Mineralize your soil and increase your microbiology with this perfect combo of soil amendments.

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