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Rock Dust Tips

20 Reasons Why You Should Use Our “CDFA Registered Organic” Rock Dust

1. Requires no special equipment to apply, it's easy to use!

2. Are 100% natural and can be used in any garden safely and confidently.

3. Can be used on all types of ornamentals, vegetables, fruits, lawns and shade trees.

4. Are a great source of iron, calcium, magnesium and other elements for balanced plant nutrition.

5. When preparing lawns and gardens can be blended in to improve soil quality and loosen compaction.

6. Are an important addition to any gardening or soil improvement project.

7. Helps your lawn stay greener longer and cuts down on fertilization costs.

8. Are quickly bound to soil, reducing any chance of product loss in irrigation water.

9. Increases fruit and vegetable yields improving mineral content for healthier food and aroma.

10. Extends the effectiveness of any nitrogen providing fertilizer material.

11. Provides food for billions of beneficial micro-organisms which improve soil, plant quality and vigor.

12. Helps save money-watering soil and plants- as it encourages plants to root deeper into the soil.

13. With continued use, improves nutrient balance and soil quality for better plant and garden health.

14. Can be used in a sprayer-without clogging equipment- just shake and spray for better plant health!

15. Will not burn plants at any recommended application rate, no accidental plant loss.

16. Are especially great for plants when combined with compost, worm castings and organic mulches.

17. Can be used at any time of year to improve overall garden health.

18. Microfine minerals are absorbed quickly, no long waits like with other mineral products like gypsum.

19. Provides balanced nutrients to your plants, increasing growth and health.

20. A little goes a very long way!