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Watering Tips for Springtime!

Greetings everyone!

Spring is here! Below are a few helpful watering tips to enhance your garden and landscaping this Springtime.

1. When planting, group together those plants that have the same water requirements.

2. If you use an automated watering system, check your timer and run each station. Observe if there is any water runoff. If your property has a street-side water exit, observe how far the water runs down the street. It should never reach the storm drain. If it does, adjust the timer to shorter watering time. You may need to add a second irrigation cycle to your AM. To do that split your total time allocated per station into 2. (for ex. if 1st station run time is 10 min. Split it into two 5 min run times, for two watering cycles at AM and PM time). Spread the 2nd cycles as far apart from the 1st cycle as possible.

3. Observe each sprinkler head. Does it spread the water as far as its suppose to, and doesn’t accumulate water at the bottom of the plant? You may need to adjust the height of the sprinkler, trim the plant, or relocate the sprinkler.

Remember: water is precious. Take your time. Work with your gardener. Know how to turn on and off your system and adjust your watering times. If you think you use too much or suspect a leak, look at your main water line coming to the house and see how quickly the meter is spinning.

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