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Pesticides Are Making A Disturbing Comeback!

This recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlights the dire need for promoting and practicing sustainable and non-toxic means of pest control.  The pesticide companies have done tremendous damage across the globe.  It’s up to each one of us make a lasting change for future generations. And it starts with your garden.

At Agrowinn, we provide a full line of natural, environmentally-friendly pest control options, which will keep your garden safe and healthy for your kids and your pets.

To ward off pests, it’s best to start with good organic soil amendments (like our Agrowinn Minerals, Pure Organic Worm Castings and organic fertilizers). These will make your plants stronger and less susceptible to pests!

Remember, what you put in is usually what you get out. Another key pest control tip: avoid over-watering!

Here’s the article in the Wall Street Journal: